Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chapter 5

My little boy. My little angel. My little Clover Leaf.
I wouldn’t trade my little family for the world. A White was loved. A White was appreciated.
A White had a family.
My little boy was all I thought about, all I saw, all I heard.
He was the most beautiful thing in the world- besides his father.
Nothing could separate me from my son. Nothing. If anybody tried to take him away. I would kill them. Who cares if I got put in jail. At least my Clover Leaf would get his father.
My world, my little, green little world. I could hold him in my arms every second of the way. I would give my life for him. I would do anything for him.
I go out to the park more regularly, and even though I get funny stares by passerby's, it was no doubt that the baby in my arms all the time was mine.
My little visits to the park even got me a friend. Misty was one of those people who fought for White’s rights, and was overjoyed to see that one had gotten loved, had a baby.
I was glad that I at least had one friend. One friend that could stand by me the whole way.
“I know! A birthday party!”
“I hardly think that’s the thing for him…” I glanced at Clover, who was gurgling about the green bench. “It might be too big for him.”
“Awh, come one Freesia! It’ll be fun!" If you’re not comfortable, just invite me. Please?”
I couldn’t help but laugh at Misty trying to persuade me, “Fine. I’ll call you when I have a date set up.”
“How about on his birthday?” Misty enthused.
“Fine!” I laughed, “I’ll call you later.”
Nevertheless, I let Forrest invite one of his friends too. So he had someone to hang out with and talk to as well.
He invited his partner, Ocean, and as soon as he did, I had to get all the preparations in order.
Ocean was a nice girl, maybe a little stuck-up, but nice as well. She thought Clover Leaf was a little older, but she was fine to have been invited to a party after all. So she made a good deal about it.
Of course I was the one to bring Clover Leaf to his cake. He was my one and only. When I insisted Forrest do it, he laughed and told me to do it.
I couldn’t argue anymore.
Clover was an exact copy of his father. I could not detect any traces of me. Just Forrest.
And I loved him with all my heart.
One look. That was all it would take. Then you fell under Clover Leaf’s charm.
(just, lol at her face Smile with tongue out)
“Look Clover Leaf! The Claw is coming to get you!”
“Rawwr! The Claw got you!”
Yes, he was my world, and I wouldn’t trade my world for anything.
This chapter was made for the amazing and multitalented in pretty much EVERYTHING she does, Ray! She has had some disappointing problems with her simming computer, and her brand new state-of-the-art computer died on her Annoyed
So I am doing what I can to make her non-simming days enjoyable Smile


  1. <3 <3 <3 Aww thank you hun! <3 <3 <3
    HOW ADORABLE IS CLOVER LEAF!! AHH! WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND MAKING REDICULOUSLY CUTE SIM KIDS!!! I MUST STEAL THEM ALL! Loved it and I'm so happy for Freesia, finding happiness after all she's been through. Great chapter!

  2. <3 I loved it!!! Perhaps I should do something for Ray as well...*HURRY UP SIMS 3 LOAD ALREADY >:(*