Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chapter 8

“Where Dwadda gwo?” Clover Leaf asked me.
In a  small voice, I answered, “Daddy has to go away for a while sweetie, why don’t you go play with your toys?” I set him down gently, and kissed his forehead.
“Ok Momma!”
I couldn’t bare to cry in front of my son. Hopefully he didn’t understand his father’s word when he called him a mistake.
My little boy was not a mistake. My little boy was not a burden.
“Hey can you come over? I have something to tell you…”
I just kept crying Clover was upset as well. He didn’t know why Momma was crying, so he’d cry too.
But I had stuff to teach him, I had to be strong for my little boy.
He looked so much like his father. So much. It was hard to look at him sometimes.
I had to though. I had to be strong.
I also had to be strong for the new arrival.
“Come on sweetie, all you have to do, is put is foot in front of the other like this.”
“I don’t know if I cwan dwo it Momma!”
“Yes you can! You’re the smartest boy in the whole wide world,” I encouraged.
“I’m doing it Momma!”
“Good job Clover, you walked to me! I wonder if anybody wants that last cookie in the cookie jar?”
“I dwo I dwo!!”
“Thanks a lot for coming over. Ever since he left me… But I’m glad you found the right person! How far pregnant are you?”
“Oh, its no problem sweetie, and I’m a couple months along.”
I looked over at Ocean, she’d stand by me.  She’d understand why Forrest left me for someone else.


  1. *goes to physically attack Ocean* I have nothing more to say on the subject.

  2. I saw that one coming. O.O After stealing our Forrest away Ocean thinks she can just go into their house and not be killed?
    *takes out mallet and blowtorch*

    On a brighter note, Clover is ADORABLE! <3